Our Team

The Partners

Nathan Alves
Partner, Designer, Producer, Technical Creative.
Seth Jackson
Partner, Designer, Producer, show director.

Credit where credit is due...

Where can we start, we're incredibly proud of our relationships and the people that got us to where we are today. We'd be remiss not to mention Mike Golden, Bandit Lites, and the staff there. Nathan was a technician there early in his career and they have serviced many of Seth's tours going back 25 years. John Bahnick, Upstaging Lighting and Transport, and the team there, they have serviced much of Nathan's work going back to 2010. John Wiseman at PRG Music was an early mentor to both of us and we can't thank him enough. Fresh out of college, Seth sent Marc Brickman a letter asking for a job, he found him one. 10 years later he was one of the first creatives to allow Nathan to drive consoles on tour, we're both here because of the path he laid out for us. Steve Cohen started out as a mentor to a young Seth out of college and has grown into a valued friend, the pair collaborated on Star Wars in Concert. Dave Davidian was the designer and stage manager on a Jackson Browne tour Nathan programmed, he would go on to tour manage an Alice Cooper outing Seth designed. he's just one of the good ones. Sacha Bambadji tour managed both of us on Barry Manilow, we're both better people because we know him. Amber Martin kept us alive, organized, and on track on Barry Manilow and Carrie Underwood, and we love her for it. And finally, our tour crews and creative collaborators we've brought on for various projects... Our ideas work because you do, literally. there's too many people to mention and not enough internet to go around for all of them. Suffice to say, to all the people who have laid the path before us and supported us on the road we're on, we are ever grateful and hope to be good stewards of the legacy of art you've entrusted us with.

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