About Us
The Darkroom Creative is a pair of creative professionals that have built a business to change the way we do live.

We're a creative firm that wants to change the way we experience and deliver live events. We believe in great design, at great price points, with great engagement from our audiences. In 2019 Nathan Alves and Seth Jackson (the partners) got together and decided after a decade of collaborating on show designs to stop hiring each other and combine their firms. With clients and relationships that extend back 30 years, The Darkroom offers a depth of experience that is invaluable in building live events.
Parnelli Awards, Redden Awards, college professorships, and a large collection of published articles and other works (no small feat of which is Seth's book on Concert Design) are up on the walls in our home offices.

Our experience tells us that live is the key to connecting artists with their fans, that life starts when the houselights go down, and that connected experiences are more important than the size of a show.

We're looking to collaborate with artists that will help us get there. We're not here to win business, we're here to recruit partners.  Let's change the way we do live.

How we get there

The Process

Creative Design
Big picture all encompassing design. No creative silos, mountains of paperwork, programming, and vendor management; we do details.
Drafting and Pre-visualization
Creative plots detailed down to the inch. What you see is what you get.
Project Management
From the first phone call to the last truck door closing, we help make sure timelines with the event vendors are on track and everyone has everything they need to make it happen.
We keep one of everything in a secure cloud storage location. Just give us a call, we'll find that drawing we made years ago. We'll send it to your vendor and have them make you another one.
We help keep road crews and event teams trained on the latest technology in the industry. When they win, we win.
Just because rehearsals are over doesn't mean we're done. We keep coming back for visits and to consult on major show additions throughout the run.
Let's Do Live Together...
Live is better together... Let's work on growing our audiences and changing the way they engage with our shows.
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